Dj for Baptism (Christening) Reception & Baptism Party

Baptism: Day of Joy-Fun-Children’s voices-Party & a lot of Dancing.

However you describe it, it is a great day of happiness dedicated to the young & not only guests..

It’s a party, whose success is based in large part on the music.

You may organize the Baptism Reception or Baptism Party at home or at an Event venue or even on a beach, what you certainly want is for you & your guests to dance and have as much fun as they can.

The music has to make them dance for hours till they drop !

This is why you need a professional DJ for Baptism Parties with experience and expertise.

My main concern and goal is to entertain the guests and have them dancing all night (or day) long.

And because every Baptism Reception & Baptism Party, has its detailsneedswishes and peculiarities, my professional experience in the musical coverage of a Baptism Reception & Party (over 1450 very succesful Baptism receptions & Baptism parties performed), together we will find the solutions, so that the final results meet your expectations.

We will have one or more meetings to determine what it is you want & wish, your parents and relatives & your guests (younger & older), so the final result will be to everyone’s satisfaction but especially yours, who are the hosts of the party!

We will discuss the music you would like during Dinner time, that is in my opinion very important, because during the dinner time we will begin to “introduce” to the guests  the Party to follow.

We will analyze & discuss the details of the music throughout the night (or day) that follows right after the dinner, starting with what you want and ending with what your parents & relatives and your guests want (younger & older).

We will cover the part of the traditional folklore music, which is directly related to your origins and the origins of the Godfather & or the Godmother, so that also this section satisfies your guests.

Of course we will discuss what kind of music you do NOT want to play at your Baptism Party.

We will “tailor” this very special night (or day) to your needs & wishes!


My knowledge of music & music library (see Repertoire) cover all kinds of international (English-French-Italian-Spanish-Arabic etc.) & Greek Dance music,Greek folklore music and Greek traditional dances Greek Folk (Laiko) dance music.

The collection covers music from the decades of 1950 up to the latest discography & hits available.

Of course for the kids & very young guests a music collection of childrens & kids songs is available !

The years of experience at performing as a Dj in very succesful Baptism receptions & Baptism parties and the large portfolio in various types of events, equip me with one of the most important benefits in the management of my music, so that the dance floor is always crowded & the guests are dancing and having fun:

The “Observation” of the dance floor & the Understanding of the “Mood”-“Feeling” & “Pulse” that the guests reflect as feedback to the Dj.

It is very important as a Dj to “know” when the the guests and the dance floor need a change of tempo or Style of music.


In my Dj setsmusic (see Music Management) i can combine the “oldies” or “traditional” style with the “modern + club dance” style.

The combination or not of the various styles in music is based primarily on your wishes and then on the wishes of your guests.

The guests age profile will also also be analysed in our meeting.

Of course I can focus on one or more particular genres or styles or decades of music (themed Baptism party if you wish)

All of the above factors to consider will always be within the guidelines you suggested in our discussion.

All combinations or certain types of music only for the Baptism reception & your Baptism party ? That depends on you and your guests !

So the Baptism Reception is a party for everybody!